This plugin was made in response to the ongoing limitation of the Open Web. In the dawn of 2012 we found ourselves confronted with a court-ruling blocking the Piratebay.org in the Netherlands. On the other side of the ocean new laws are being discussed to curtail web-freedom even further. SOPA and PIPA are set to defend the interests of the Entertainment industry, but will mainly cause grave and undeniable damage to the Open and Free web and all of it’s users: from the end-consumer to the cutting edge developers and inventors. In the same time countries like Iran, Syria, North-Korea and so on are using the same techniques to censor free speech to maintain their iron grip on power. Our aim is to make all of this impossible.

The web knows many ways to circumvent blockades and censorship. Some argue that these court-rulings and new laws will never have any effect because of all these tricks to by-pass them. This might be true, but in general only holds for the more tech-savvy among us. And in either case it doesn’t make these rulings and laws less bad.

Our plugin still requires some technical skills to employ, but next to none to use. Any WordPress powered website with this plug-in will immediately start functioning as a proxy for the censored websites. Thus opening them again for the big audience.


You will need:

  1. A self-hosted WordPress website (not wordpress.com)
  2. Our plugin

Do I need a really big website if I want to mirror a really big website?
No, you don’t copy the data of the website you want to uncensor. You merely re-route the traffic to the other website. Your website becomes a proxy.

Is this illegal?
But of course this differs from country to country. Also, we believe that no country prohibits the use of WordPress and plug-ins, the sites you are proxy-ing might contain prohibited material.

What more?
Tell your friends about this plugin and get as many WordPress websites-owners to activate the plugin; the more the merrier. And stay informed. Circumvention may be fun and a nice line of defense, but the best defense is to force law-makers to make good laws.