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End-of-Life announcement

When we wrote this plugin in the beginning of 2012, governments all over the world were heading towards further restricting access to the Internet and censoring its users. Although circumvention tools were available, they were in general hard to use and therefore only available to technically skilled people. We designed the RePress plugin so more people could profit from an open and free Internet.

Unfortunately, little has changed in the political landscape since that time with regards to Internet usage. Governments in e.g. China, the NetherlandsRussia and the United States are still gravitating towards further restriction, censorship and violations of privacy.

The Internet landscape on the other hand has changed significantly. While the plugin was a useful addition to circumventing possibilities in 2012, circumvention tools are now more widely available. The Electronic Frontier Foundation gives a nice concise summary of options with background information.
Security in a box also provides solid entry-level information with hands-on manuals.

With these tools available, we believe there is currently no need for our RePress plugin. If at any time we feel RePress is again an addition, we will definitely launch a fully updated version. In the meantime, we will contribute in other ways to enhance privacy and an open Internet, and to educate it’s users through our Totem-project.